Thursday, January 21, 2010

Neiafu Here I am

So here I am , sitting at my kitchen table writing this thing that is called a blog. I am very new to this modern technology of blogging especially living abroad in Tonga.

My site is great. I live in Talau which is the mountain region of Neiafu. The view from my house is breathtaking, so I'm not complaining. I am around a 15 minute walk to the trail head and a 15-20 minute walk to town. I am working at Tailulu College, which is associated through the Free Church of Tonga. There are approximately 140 students with 20 staff members. I will be co-teaching English Form 1 and 2, which are the first two years of High School. My students will be from 12-14 years old. I will have 4 class's a day, with each class 50 minutes long. The rest of my time will be occupied with lesson planning and hopefully helping out in the Library, PE class and various secondary projects that I want to pursue. The possibilities are endless.

So school starts on Monday, but it is still summer and really hot here. Luckily I have a breeze where i'm living.

Check it out:

Vava'u is a hilly island group, which is a nice change from Ha'apai. I've gone on a few hikes already, which seems to be the only way to get exercise now because my toe is infected and I can't wear shoes and go running. It'll probably be several months before that happens because my toe nail is going to fall off. It's gross..I won't go into any more detail.


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