Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sports Day

After approximately a month of training, we had Sports Day. It was a 2 day event in which all the High Schools in Vava'u competed through relay racing, long distance racing, short distance racing and disc toss. The students were separated by age: midgets, intermediate and juniors. Tailulu did not do very well, but we tried. It was a fun 2 days of seeing all the students from all the High Schools show their team spirit. Unfortunately , the two days were very very hott so it was difficult to be out in the sun for so long. The winners of the Sports Day are going to the capital in April where there will be an island group competetion. So Eua will compete against Vava'u and Ha'apai and Tongatapu. I will not get to go. But that should be fun for the students.


Tonga is a religious country. There are church services 3 times a day on Sunday, 5 am 10 am and 3pm. Monday through Friday there are 5 am services. Sometimes there is choir practice. I go to church twice every Sunday, at 10 am and 3 pm. After the morning service I am invited over to a neighbors house where I eat traditional sunday food, Lu and root crops. Lu is made from taro leaves, coconut juice, a meat of choice : mutton, chicken or fish, onions and peppers. It is delicious, or maybe I have just gotten used to it. haha. After lunch, I go home and sleep/ rest until the next service at 3pm. After that service I socialize ( talanoa) with some Tongan neighbors and I go home and rest some more. Nothing is open on Sundays here in Tonga. The bakery is open for several hours for people to buy bread or cinnamon buns. But all shopping needs to be done prior to Sunday. It is a day of rest. No music can be played, well relgious music is permitted. No TV or Films can be watched, well religious films are permitted. Swimming is also not allowed. I am getting used to Sundays. They are nice and relaxing.

It is also so hott here in Vava'u that sitting around and sleeping / resting is just what i need.

Above is a picture of what I normally wear to church--> The skirt and shirt combination is called a puletaha in fakatonga and the belt around my waist is called a kiekie. This is a typical sunday and school attire. I have to wear a kiekie to school and religious functions.